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Complete solution for logistics process management


The function of allocating cargo to carriers takes into account contract conditions and your preferences, allowing you to optimally utilize available resources and fulfill transportation at the best rates.

Intelligent Load Planning

Several complex AI algorithms optimize the utilization of the vehicle’s cargo space, taking into account load capacity. The visual interface makes it easy to use the feature.


Automatic settlement of invoices from suppliers and management of additional costs allow controlling the billing process and minimizes errors in data.


Tracking order statuses at every stage of execution ensures control throughout the entire process. Access to the location of goods preview is available independently of whether you use your own fleet or subcontractor services.


An application for efficient management of delivery notifications


Time windows

smartAWI is an application for creating a schedule of loading and unloading windows in warehouses and for managing notifications. Thanks to smartAWI, warehouse employees, carriers or drivers themselves can easily book available time slots. Thanks to this, they gain flexibility as well as convenience in planning and organising the entire transport process.


Time windows improve the efficiency of warehouse operations. Optimised processes and efficient resource management enable your warehouse to achieve higher throughput and run more efficiently than ever before.


smartAWI allows you to improve the efficiency of logistics operations. It effectively minimises loading downtime, associated costs and vehicle use time. Use our solution to optimise loading processes, increase productivity and achieve significant savings for your business.


smartAWI gives you the opportunity to verify arriving vehicles and to confirm their entry and exit. It can be integrated with cameras and it is possible to automate the opening of vehicle barriers based on specified license plates.


The system allows you to send automatic notifications to drivers. Thanks to notifications in the mobile application, communication becomes fast and convenient, without the need for a phone call.



Tailor-made system

Each company has its own unique needs so our offer includes custom-made solutions. Regardless of whether you manage a fleet of electric vehicles, autonomous warehouses or are looking for solutions tailored to unusual industry specifics – we are ready to meet your requirements. Our flexible approach, in-depth analysis and experience will allow us to adapt our solutions to your business.



Analysis of the efficiency of transport and logistics operations

consultingTMS is designed for logistics and transport managers and takes the form of workshops conducted by our experts in the field of logistics operations and technology. It consists of a thorough analysis of processes aimed at assessing the potential for digitisation of logistics operations. It results in defined logistical challenges, comparison of different perspectives and proposed solutions. The goal is to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs.